West Coast Tour – Oct. 23-Nov. 2

Hey Folks,

Half Light are busy bees booking our first West Coast Tour.  Want us to come to your town?  Drop us a note with a venue recommendation and we will start working it, if we aren’t already.  We have got some really nice press lately – head over and check out our press page.

We are also playing a gig this FRIDAY SEPT. 5th at the Comet.  We love the Comet, we love to be so close to y’all.  We will be playing 2 never before heard tunes.  They currrently have band working titles – which is a subject that should have a book.  Most bands don’t actually have titles for their songs until it comes time to write it out in the liner notes.  They have titles like E-jam, or heavy MF, or 6/8 song.  Or fans name them, like Wilco’s “kidsmoke” which is still referred to as “Spiders.”  Speaking of spiders, I had a spider induced panic attack last night when a spider so big that I could hear its footfalls came creeping along the floor.  Anyway, our two new working titles are “The Pretty One” and “Cardboard Boxey Box.”  You can guess which one is which, hey, you can even give them names.  Soon we will have “War2″ ready to play.

Cheers! – Dayna