Portland – 10/23

The “Silver Bullet” van had not yet been tested when it came to loading 6 bodies, & 6 bodies’ worth of gear & junk before… luckily for us, Dayna L’s heritage of proper packing technique (her dad would be proud) saved the day in making the impossible possible.  After some false starts & last minute “Oops – forgot that” moments, we actually hit the road a few minutes ahead of schedule.

One of the few upsides of high gas prices & an economy in the toilet – less vehicles on the road.  The normal quagmire of traffic/parking-lot that had become expected in the Tacoma/Ft. Lewis area did not materialize, and the drive to Portland was close to what it should be (3 hours) as opposed to what many have come to expect over the last few years (4-5 hours).

Barb guided the Silver Bullet masterfully down the I-5 corridor.  As stand-up comics have observed many times over in the past, why does every city choose to locate Martin Luther King Way/Blvd/etc in the dicey areas of town?  Portland proved to NOT be an exception to this rule as we located the motel we would be crashing at for the night in a seedier section of town.  I can’t recall the particular name of the strip club down the street from our motel, thus failing Portland Landmark 101 (using strip club names to indicate which part of town you are in).

Half Light gear onstage @ The Tonic LoungeAs for the Tonic Lounge, this was our first visit.  Seattle could use a few more venues like this -ample stage size, nice monitors, friendly sound guy, decent sized room.  We liked it a lot & had a good sound/set this evening (well, except for my fussy pedals shorting out at the most inopportune moments).  The Angry Orts & King Hen were a lot of fun as well.  Should any of the other HL members wish to chime in on the post, they may/may not have their own recollections for the evening.   A big thanks to all who came out to see us on Thursday evening!

As first nights of the tour go, several of us did choose to cram the transmission into fourth or fifth gear as for the drinky drink, so several folks were less than Perky Patty come morning time ritual of shower & “get yer ass in the van” which came quite early.  Through a blurry early Portland gray morning, we managed to hit the road before 7 am for the trek down to Davis.