Nick Cave & Sustainable Ballard – Come say Hi!

Hey folks,

No, Nick Cave won’t be at the Sustainable Ballard Festival, but I’ll be volunteering at the Bicycle Alliance table this weekend on Saturday from 2 to 5, stop by and say Hi. Going to Ballard, and sitting outside in our lovely fall weather, means I get a cupcake from cupcake royale. Last time I was there they did not have the Lavender one, how could that be? Though I’m hoping they have some sort of festive carrot cake one. And if anyone is a mega-chocoholic we can go get truffles from the Art Coop.

Anyway, about Nick Cave. I went to the show last night. The performance was great, but boy does the sound really suck in that venue! Did anyone find a good spot? There were zero mids. A ton of highs and some low rumble but no definition….Most disappointing at $57 a ticket, especially since the band was playing well and Nick was singing great. The one thing I can say is the Showbox SODO can actually make a drink, as the Showbox Market has forever been plagued by their choice to charge a lot for drinks with hardly any alcohol in them. The $7 sapphire and tonic at the SODO venue is worth $7, though if the sound is as shitty as last night, I’ll have to have a few to bare it.