Half Light – Los Angeles

Glorious Los Angeles… after a pit stop at a gas station to remove the jellified carcasses & entrails of the teeming hordes of insects who decided to have the last thing pass through their minds be their arses before they became acquainted with the Silver Bullet’s windshield & a rather ripe gas station bathroom, we departed for the last stretch towards the City of Angels. We passed right by the club, The Scene Bar on the first attempt, but managed to circle the block & arrive safely.

The Scene L.A. The front door had the look of a bomb shelter, and there were no windows to the venue at all. Our friend who had recommended it (thanks again Amy!!) had described it as her favorite dive bar. After some waiting around & deciding the cruise the neighborhood for some Thai food, we returned to find the club still closed. Finally, someone showed up & let us in (load-in is evidently a little later in LA than we are accustomed to in Seattle).

Once inside, we were impressed… it was a very cool venue – with “Poltergeist” playing on the projection tvs & a mammoth green room behind the stage large enough for all 3 bands to store/stage their gear. Seattle clubs could take a nod from this place to step it up (before Mayor Nickels tries to shut them all down).

We’d like to thank our friends in LA who dropped my to check out the set (as well as our Seattle friend Patrick who was in LA for a conference & came on down to see us)… we definitely dug this venue & had a great time paying here.  This bill was kind of scrambled together at the last minute (so I couldn’t find a listing with the other 2 bands names on it), & I confess to throwing back 3 or 5 too many catching up with friends to have caught (& most importantly RETAINED) the names of the other two bands.  They were both ver cool & super nice to us non LA folks.