Davis CA, 10/24

After some excellent bagels & coffee @ Tiny’s Coffee, we trudged forward onto the I-5 & began trekking towards Northern California.  Trevor Child & The Beholders opened the bill that evening, followed by Half Light, & finally Weird Harold.

The G Street Pub has accurately carved out its niche & game plan by charging no cover & luring the kids in to drink their livers to death once inside (and oh yes, believe me when I say that was the case this particular Friday).  I chatted with Chris from Weird Harold before the show, and he informed me that his band had been kicking around the area for quite some time & had built quite a respectable following… and this was their first show after a 2 year hiatus.  I can attest that during their set, it was so thick with people that it was nearly impossible to navigate  through the crowd at any point on the map in the bar.

Davis is definitely a college town.. lots of young kids getting their drink on in hopes of scoring after last call… or in the case of one couple during Weird Harold, of actually scoring in one of the stalls of the ladies’ bathroom while still at the bar.

We had a very kind offer from one of the patrons to offer us up the floor of his studio as a crash pad, but at the end of the evening – the allure of a shower in the morning steered us towards yet another motel.  Who knew there was a dog show in Davis that weekend?  We were made Best In Show’s biatch as we had to drive quite a ways outside of Davis to find anywhere with an available room.  So ended the northern leg of the tour, and 2 days before the Monday show in Glendale at The Scene Bar.