Monthly Archives: January 2013

Look for our Record Release Party in April

It’s looking like we’ll team up with The Low Hums and Levator for our Record Release Party April 6th at the High Dive in Fremont.

If you only make it out to one of our shows this year – make it this one! Our friend at Knick Knack Records will be there to hook you up with copies of the new vinyl as well as merch. Mark your calendars!

Finally! The Vinyl is pressed!

Our good friends at Knick Knack Records have informed us that our vinyl is pressed & should be making its journey our way this week. We’ve been waiting a while for this, and are stoked to finally have our grubby hands on some boxes of records. We’ll post an update when the release is available for purchase via Knick Knack!

Things To Figure Out

Things To Figure Out