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The High Dive, Saturday October 15th

October 15th - Half Light @ The High Dive

October 15th - Half Light @ The High Dive

Upcoming gig alert – we have confirmed we will be returning to the lovely High Dive on Saturday October 15th for another matinee show. We will be sharing this Happy Hour show with The Buckets. Show starts @ 6pm – with our set. It’s a Saturday, not a school night, and 6 pm should be pretty manageable, so you really don’t have too many valid excuses for not coming on down. See you there!

Slacktastic Blog Maintenance

Ummmm…. looks like we haven’t really been all that active for a while on the blog front. So, what’s new? Well, we forgot to make any mention of the July 29th show @ the High Dive. The Swearengens opened the matinee show with an awesome set, & a good time was had by all (especially @ the after party).

Thus ends the summer with 6 band members having rather busy schedules. We’re refining some new material & still waiting to 78990 release that second album. And no one seemed to get tagged by an UARS satellite debris which is a good thing.