Monthly Archives: June 2010

New album mixing

We have shipped off all new tracks to SpaceJunk studios for the mixing process. If all goes smoothly, we should be hearing mixes by ~ mid July.

New Album Inching Along

It’s is looking very, very realistic that we’ll be done with all tracking/overdubbing/etc for the new album this week. We’ll then bundle up a few DVDs of files & ship them down to our friend TimEbandit to start work on mixing it. Twelve songs tracked… we’re aiming at putting 10-12 on this release. This one’s been a while in the making – we’re going to be really happy to hear the final product & get it out there for people to check out.

The Mix with Uncle DooDad & Jones Family Fortune

The show went quite well – the venue is very nice. Unfortunately, this weekend also had “Noise For the Needy” benefit shows happening which drew in quite a few folks for a good cause to other venues. Thanks to everyone who made it down! And now on to finalizing our album tracks to ship off to Tim in Oz for some mixing….

The Mix: Saturday June 12th!

We’ll be playing with Uncle DooDad & The Jones Family Fortune on Saturday June 12th @ The Mix in Georgetown. 6006 12th Ave South Seattle.

The Mix - June 12th

The Mix - June 12th