Monthly Archives: December 2009

Half Light Interview/Performance now up at Pop Dose!

Our heartfelt thanks to Michael Fortes for taking the time to visit us & to do a Parlour to Parlour episode on us!  We had a blast hanging out in the morning shooting for the episode, as well as a ridiculous amount of fun later that evening at the Hive Mind Halloween Party (c’mon guys, it was TOO successful for you to REALLY call it quits with no more of these).  A grand time was had by one & all.

In other news, we have solidified a date at the Sunset Tavern in Ballard for Wednesday, January 13th with our friends in Osaka Explosion.  We’ve been hammering & smashing up a few new song ideas as we get ready to track the second half of songs for our new album (trust us, we’ve tossed around a Meeeylion creative working titles over rehearsals, although all have been quite silly so far).  We’re to a point we know what we’re going to work with song-wise – now we just have to get them recorded.  We’re most assuredly hoping that minus any little unexpected bumps/quirks/catastrophes, we’ll be sending off a Batch O’ Songs for mixing/production by the end of May& get this thing out the door in the second half of 2010.