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The Comet Tavern – this Thursday

As Seattle withers in a rare heat wave, we’ll be playing the cozy confines of the Comet Tavern…

Yes – it could likely be very warm still… that’s what cold beer is for though.   We encourage you to come down & celebrate the return of normal Seattle Summer this weekend.

We’ll be playing with  Sneaky Thieves, Gertrude’s Hearse, & Nathan Wade & the Dark Pioneers – The Comet, 922 E. Pike St.  We will be playing first slot ~ 9:00.

Soundtrack possibilities

We were contacted (relatively) recently by a filmmaker who is gathering music for the eidting process of his film.    If all goes well, we look forward to another blog post down the line with specific details as to which might have been chosen as well as detials about the film’s release.

Thanks to all who came out yesterday

Granted – the sunny summer weather of Friday and Saturday didn’t quite hold out for our set Sunday afternoon… but at least there were no major downpours & the thunder waited until much later in the afternoon/early-evening.
We’d like to thank everyone who stopped by – as well as the fine folks who ran the West Seattle Summer Fest. We had a blast playing out there!

and so it begins (Summer Fest)…

Doesn’t look as summery today as it did yesterday, hmmn…????

Well, we’ll sally forth & persevere and all that jazz…. the set is still going to be a lot of fun today.  We’ll be convening in a bit to load up the Silver Bullet & head on over to the Alaska Stage for our 12:45 set.

Press for West Seattle Summer Fest

Seattle Weekly posted a brief preview for the festival yesterday (somehow they chose to run with some band called “Mudhoney” for the photo rather than us…)

Also, “Sunday’s lineup begins in the middle of the day with the hushed, shoe-gazing intoxication of Half Light (12:45PM)” from the Seattle PI.

Look forward to seeing anyone who can swing by to catch our set tomorrow. One note – the process for loading bands in & out to keep the music on schedule is a little on the tight side… the organizers basically need every band to load & go after their set & get their one allotted vehicle the F Outta Dodge: ASAP, so we may not be lingering to socialize all that long after the set as we load & move The Silver Bullet Van.