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Art for Darfur – a fund raiser

Hi Everyone,

if you are interested in checking out some photographs from all over the world and raising money to help humanitarian efforts in the Darfur region of Sudan, this is the event for you.  It takes place on Wednesday June 25th at the Mount Baker Community Center in Seattle and will feature wine and cheese and a silent auction of 16″ x 20″ photographs.  I am contributing “lomographs” from Lisbon and the Skagit Valley.  Admission is free, though we are asking for donations to defray the cost of putting on the event.

Thank You!

Hey All,

special thanks to all of you that came out to see use for our CD release party at the Comet.  It was really nice to play our songs for so many folks.  If you didn’t have a chance to pick up a CD or T-shirt they are still available.  We’ll post pics of the event when we get them.

4 nights of Rock

Hey All,

Not only is Half Light’s cd release this week, there are many other excellent shows to attend.  Tonight, June 5th, head on down to the rebar.  You get to see Hazelwood Motel, and see Little Pieces for their CD release.  2 great bands!  For those of us luck enough to get an advance copy of Little Piece’s new disc, we can tell you, it is fantastic.  We will be purchasing a complete copy tonight.

Friday June 6th brings our long-awaited CD release show at the Comet, followed by a late night after party at the house.  We will have our CD for sale and T-shirts!  What other great bands are we playing with?  The Delusions, The Purrs, and Jones Family Fortune.  We are on second.

Saturday June 7th, aside from being some important peoples birthday, is Studio 66.  Studio 66 is a bi-monthly mod night at the great venue Lofi.  There are 2 bars, a band room, Go-Go dancers, DJ’s with killer records and 2 live bands.  People dress up, people dance, it is very un-seattle.  You can still dress however you like and sulk quietly in the corner, but hey, it feels kinda nice to dance to 60’s garage rock.  If you are unable to enjoy yourself at studio 66, you should seek therapy.

So that takes care of 3 nights, what is going on Sunday?  Well Sunday is the night that EVERY bass player in Seattle will be at the paramount to see Return to Forever.  Does anyone know where to get some ludes?  This should be an interesting show, I’ve played some Chick Corea tunes, but have never seen him play his own stuff.  I only hope I don’t fall asleep after the many hours of rock n roll, those chairs in the paramount sure are comfy.

Album review from the Louisville Eccentric Observer

We got this well thought out album review today.  Here it is:

“These are down-tempo, electric lullabies for adults who don’t necessarily want to sleep. Besides, dreaming is a much, much more likely side effect of the debut from Seattle’s shoegazing six-piece. Trippy also comes to mind. 

The songs specialize in spaciousness. Singer Dayna Loeffler’s candy-coated vocals move over, under and through mounds of distortion, strolling rhythms, twinkling guitars and expansive, moody soundscapes that appear, disappear and reappear throughout. If this sounds like a sonic cousin to Mazzy Star, it is. But it’s a distant cousin. Whereas Mazzy was dark and lethargic, Half Light has more hope, more electronics and definitely more propulsion under the hood, not to mention psychedelics, beginning in the sticky tune “Affected.”

But it’s not all pensive ruminations. Take “Feel,” for instance: This pop-leaning confection sheds the prevailing dark winds for two minutes of carefree sunshine, underlined by a buoyant bass line and a full-bodied chorus that repeats “You want to feel.” Whether that is a question or a command remains to be seen, but at eight minutes into the album, whoever is listening is certainly feeling something.” —Shawn Telford

Thank you Shawn!  xoxo – Half Light