Monthly Archives: April 2008

Willie Nelson / I love Connor Byrne’s tribute nights

Half Light played Connor Byrne’s Tom Waits tribute night, and it was a blast. The quality of music and musicians were truly amazing. Tonight, some of Half Light’s friends are playing a Willie Nelson tribute at Connor Byrne in lovely Ballard. I think it will be yet another awesome night of great tunes and performances.

One thing that is really great about Connor Byrne’s tribute nights is that acts don’t play a ton of songs, and there is a backline, so you are not waiting around forever for the next act.

The venue also has delicious beer and a full bar and bicycle parking out front.

Tonight – Mars Bar

It’s on for the Mars Bar tonight.  We’re playing with our good friends Spanish For 100 (thanks for putting this one together Aaron!) & Louis of the Graze. Be there @ 9:00 to enjoy all 3 bands & kick your weekend off right.  We will of course be playing tunes from our very-soon-to-be-released new cd, as well as playing a Black Sabbath cover & 2 newer-than-the-new-cd tunes.

Bike Commuting

Here is a link to an article I wrote about the top 10 things I’ve learned in 10 years of bike commuting.

Diminished Men

I went to see Dminished Men at the High Dive tonite. I thought, they are the second band, if I get there at 10pm I should catch almost all of their set. I arrived at 10 and the cover was $12. I love Diminished Men, so I paid up, even though this is a ridiculous price for a small venue thursday night show, with little known touring band. This touring band is some hippy “jazz oddessy” band from Oklahoma. Yes, apparently Oklahoma has hippies.

Anyway – I love the Oregon County Fair as much as the next bike-commuting-uses-a-commuter-mug-organic-farmer’s-market-shopper, but these guys got some issues. The first issue, charging $12 for your out-of-town thursday night show. Next, at 10:10 some dude from the “jazz oddessy” shows up demanding to know when Diminished Men will be off the stage. WOW. So I got to hear 3 songs, and they were amazing, this time with tenor sax player, they did what sounded like a cover of the “Carnival” theme. They were great.

So then, I was chatting with Diminished Men and 45 minutes go by, and the “jazz oddessy” is goofing around and taking their sweet time getting set up. That is 30 more minutes than they should need, and 30 minutes that I should have been listening to Diminished Men. The venue was NOT packed with “jazz oddessy” fans. Anyway – I left on principal 45 minutes after they kicked the other band off stage and still hadn’t played a song.