“The Lost Album” Release Party! Friday June 12, 2015 at The High Dive in Fremont!
Black Nite Crash
Half Light
This Blinding Light
Blackpool Astronomy
$8 | 9:00 pm

Even before tracking started, the Seattle-based, dream pop, sextet Half Light wanted to call this collection of songs “(That Was) Soul Crushing At Best,” as it summed up how everyone’s lives were going at the time. Borrowing from author Cormac McCarthy, vocalist Dayna Loeffler mentioned, “Half Light would have time to think about that choice of album title.” In brief, the next five years included recording in a hotel room, one-way plane tickets, emergency soldering with a hairdryer, a computer taking final mixes to its grave, lost jobs, broken relationships, and the departure of half the band members. Recorded in 2010, “The Lost Album” is a moody collection of 11 songs (10 originals and 1 Black Sabbath cover), that offers “gauzy, impressionistic” (The Delete Bin) soundscapes to soothe the listener’s crushed soul.” … announcing the release of “The Lost Album” – JUNE 2, 2015!!!
Half Light - The Lost Album

The Lost Album

Please feel free to grab a copy of our previous release on vinyl “Things To Figure Out” on Knick Knack Records, as well as digital download format.
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You may also find our album, “Sleep More, Take More Drugs, Do Whatever We Want” on iTunes, Knick Knack Records, Amazon.com, and CDBaby.